Introducing Our Trainers

The Shadow Work training faculty consists of highly-skilled and experienced trainers and mentors who consistently receive the highest praise from participants for their skill in imparting both theoretical and practical aspects of Shadow Work. They have many years of experience in delivering training and development programmes to individuals, companies and non-profit organisations.

They are known for the warmth and compassion which they bring to the task of teaching. They each have direct experience of and respect for what it takes to master a new discipline in service of other human beings.

They support learning in a safe and shame-free environment, bringing well-timed doses of fun and laughter while at the same time making the study and practice of Shadow Work accessible to a wide variety of learning styles.

John and Nicola Kurk

Owners of Shadow Work Training Europe

In partnership, Nicola and John have introduced Shadow Work to many other countries; training, mentoring and nurturing a growing community of talented facilitators, coaches and trainers. In particular, they have founded a flourishing community in Russia, where Shadow Work has achieved officially-recognised status within the Institute of Jungian Psychotherapy.

John Kurk

Mentor, Trainer, Group Facilitator and Coach

He is a master facilitator, having led Shadow Work group seminars in many countries throughout Europe as well as leadership development and bespoke business workshops and retreats over the last 25 years. He is also a qualified Leader and Leader Trainer for the Mankind Project international. As an affiliate trainer for Interaction Associates he has delivered facilitation and leadership trainings within corporations.

John studied Physics and Psychology at university. He was deeply involved in the early years of the Centre for Alternative Technology and became a skilled craftsman and cabinet maker, as well as being involved in delivering personal development trainings and events for 40 years. He brings the same passion for craftsmanship, excellence and attention to detail to Shadow Work, and is known for creating a safe environment in which people can explore and transform their most challenging emotional and psychological problems without shame.

Interview with John Kurk by Alyce Barry 

Nicola Kurk

Mentor, Trainer, Group Facilitator and Coach

Nicola is internationally recognised for her expertise in Shadow Work. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of personal development as a coach, group facilitator, trainer, mentor and educator.

She is one of the co-founders of Women in Power, an initiation that unearths and honours buried aspects of the feminine soul and psyche and celebrates feminine rites of passage. She has created and continues to nurture a community of women in the UK, France and Belgium dedicated to making this work available in many different formats.

She has travelled extensively to lead seminars, retreats and training sessions in the UK, Europe, Russia, Dubai and North America and has also taught facilitation and leadership skills to corporate clients, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and GE Capital.

Liz Remande-Guyard

BFT and AFT Trainer, Group Facilitator and Coach
(working in both English and French)

Liz has been working in the field of personal development for the last 20 years, supporting at-risk and very challenging young people, managing year-long therapeutic programmes with them, including training their mentors and holding group sessions. She has extensive skills in coaching, supervision and training trainers and a long-standing experience in holding both groups and individuals in a very safe way.

She brings warmth, empathy and huge love and respect for people and their journeys, creating opportunities for them to trust and embody their inner wisdom.

Nick Klyne

BFT and AFT Trainer and Group Facilitator

Nick began his international coaching and workshop facilitation career over 25 years ago in the fields of personal and cultural transformation.  He specialises in leadership development and has been accountable for the training and mentoring of an international team of world-class coaches and consultants.

He brings a unique combination of intellectual rigour, philosophy, humour and out-of-the-box thinking and loves to create space for other human beings to access and express their authenticity.

Gautier Hankenne

BFT and AFT Trainer, Group Facilitator and Coach
(working in both English and French)

Gautier brings a wealth of different approaches to personal development with a particular emphasis on relationships and conflict resolution. Also a trainer and leader in the ManKind Project International, he is committed to creating and maintaining healthy communities by supporting the training and development of Shadow Work practitioners throughout French-speaking Europe.

His joy, curiosity, generosity and humour allow individuals to grow and develop in an environment of acceptance and encouragement.

Alice Morrell

BFT Trainer, Group Facilitator and Coach
(working in German and English)

Alice is a certified NLP Master and has a naturopathic degree in psychotherapy.
She has co-facilitated Shadow Work workshops throughout Germany for over 10 years and also co-leads a Circle of Women group near Frankfurt. In addition, she has a degree in Business Administration and has worked freelance as a consultant for multi-national corporations for over 12 years.

Alice has many years of experience of working with and caring for people. She brings a lightness of spirit, attention to detail, a natural bubbling humour and sharp, incisive thinking.

John Morrell

BFT Trainer, Group Facilitator
(working in English and German)

John has been involved in the delivery of Shadow Work seminars in Germany for over 18 years. He co-founded The New Warrior Network in Germany, a worldwide Men’s organisation that later became ManKind Project Germany, and is still active within this community.

Also a professional musician, he brings sensitivity and a deep love for human beings, with all their potential and frailties, to the training environment, offering support and encouragement with lightness and humour.

Elizabeth Klyne

CT Trainer

Elizabeth has had the privilege of working with many clients, from students to CEOs of publicly-quoted companies, since she started her coaching business in 1996. For her, it has been a delight to create a safe and shame-free environment in which people can find empathy, confidence and perspective, take possession of their gifts and talents and access the power that flows from coming to terms with the truth of any situation.

She finds herself consistently in awe of our ability to survive, heal and flourish in the face of the challenging circumstances and beliefs that we all encounter, and blessed to be present in those moments of  transformation.