Prerequisites for Attending the Trainings

Basic Facilitator Training

  • Participation in at least one in-person Shadow Work group seminar
    For upcoming group seminars, see
  • Other possible options – to be assessed by the trainers – include Women in Power, the New Warrior Training Adventure, Woman Within, A Band of Brothers

Advanced Facilitator Training

  • BFT
  • Some practice using the tools and skills learned during the BFT.
    (The various ways of practising the BFT tools and skills are discussed in detail during the BFT.)

Leader Training

  • BFT
  • AFT
  • More practice of the BFT and AFT tools and processes
  • Assisting at least once at a Shadow Work group session

Coaching Training

  • BFT
  • AFT
  • Completion of a one one-to-one in-person coaching session from a certified Shadow Work Coach