The Advanced Facilitator Training

A solid grounding in advanced Shadow Work facilitation skills, including how to facilitate the four Identity Wound processes

This training offers:

  • Professional facilitation skills that you can apply to yourself, at home or in your community
  • Learning about the deepest wounds that human beings carry and how those wounds manifest themselves in various behaviours
  • A powerful experience of your own personal growth

Participants in this training will receive the appropriate DVDs and manual approximately six weeks before the training, so they can become familiar with the tools and processes beforehand. This training is highly experiential and has a small participant-to-trainer ratio. It involves a great deal of hands-on facilitation time, both in practice situations and in real processes.

In order to qualify for the Advanced Training, you must first attend The Basic Facilitator Training. The Advanced Training is the second step in training to become Certified as either a Shadow Work Group Facilitator or a Shadow Work Coach for individual sessions.

After attending this training, you are eligible to attend the Leader Training and/or the Coaching Training.

Further Information

The Advanced Facilitator Training (AFT) will teach you to facilitate the four Identity Wound processes: the Tombstone, the Alpha-Split (God-Split), the Predator (Vampire), and the Good Guy/Bad Guy. You will also learn how to recognise Identity Wounds when they show up in participants and in yourself.

The Identity Wounds tend to be the most shameful wounds we carry. This training will give you the chance to see, own and accept these wounds in yourself, along with the resulting shadow-y behaviours. This can be both challenging and amusing. However, we believe that in order to become a really skilled and compassionate facilitator, you need to know and love these parts of yourself.

Our focus in this training will be to familiarise you completely with these wounds and provide you with a solid grounding in the facilitation of the Identity Wound processes. During the first days of the training, you will practise facilitating the different processes with one of the trainers acting as the participant. During this time, you will also be learning to self-facilitate these processes. In the latter half of the training, you will co-facilitate whole, live processes with your fellow students. This means that each of you will have the opportunity to do your own personal work in an Identity Wound process facilitated by other trainees, coached and supported by the trainers.

Your ability to absorb and facilitate the Identity Wound processes will depend on your ability to use the basic Shadow Work tools: splits and triangles, support and metaphors, What’s at Risk, Risk Manager and boundaries. To prepare for this training, you will want to review your Basic Facilitator Training materials and spend as much time facilitating as you can before the training.

For training dates and costs, see our events page.

Programme Information

Maximum numbers of participants in each training: eight on a first come, first served basis.

Schedule: The training lasts seven or eight days, depending on the number of participants. Daily sessions are 9:00am to 6:00-6.30pm with drink and lunch breaks. Full details will be included in the training packet sent to you upon registration.

For training dates and costs, see our events.