The Coaching Training

Shadow Work Coaching is a richly versatile way to work with clients on an individual basis, whether in person or online, using the Shadow Work tools.

Shadow Work is known for the safety of its container, and Shadow Work Coaching offers clients a safety even greater than a group seminar, in an atmosphere of deep connection and privacy. Shadow Work Coaching also offers a client the opportunity to work at any time and place that’s convenient, without waiting for a scheduled seminar, and to work, in person or online, at a pace unpressured by the expectations of a group.

The Coaching Training will teach you to create a safe container for an individual, and to adapt your group facilitation techniques to the special circumstances of working one-on-one, including contracting with the client’s Risk Manager before the process begins. You will learn how to work online, how to screen potential clients, how to take advantage of the creative possibilities in the coaching container, and how to become certified as a Shadow Work Coach.


Programme Information

Prerequisites: the Basic Facilitator Training and the Advanced Facilitator Training

Maximum number of participants for each training: eight, on a first come, first served basis

Schedule: the training lasts seven days. Daily sessions are 9.00am to 6.00-6.30pm with drink and lunch breaks.

Full details will be included in the training packet sent to you upon registration.