The Opportunity of Training in Shadow Work

Graduates repeatedly report that Shadow Work trainings deliver benefits on two levels simultaneously:

Firstly, they allow for the acquisition of gold-standard technical facilitation skills. You will gain both a theoretical understanding of the intellectual models underpinning the Shadow Work processes, together with practical experience of trying out the new tools you are learning. There are lots of opportunities to practise by both watching and doing. At first, you have the opportunity to practise on the trainers – some of the world’s best unpaid actors!. Later, you have the opportunity to facilitate whole process as part of a team with other trainees, with the trainers coaching you throughout;

Secondly, they offer the opportunity for a deep-dive personal exploration of our own individual shadows. It is a chance to meet and transform some of the aspects of your psyche which limit your ability to be fully the person you want to be. After having studied and practised the processes, each trainee will have the opportunity for their own process. This will give you an opportunity to ‘feel from the inside-out’ what you have been studying in the training as well as exploring and possibly resolving an issue that’s been troubling you, perhaps for years.

We aim to create the training environment as shame-free as possible, where you can be who you are. We consistently receive feedback that this is an exceptionally safe learning environment. Being held in the safety of a non-shaming environment for several consecutive days typically creates the opportunity for deep trust to develop between the participants, allowing you to bring forth more of your gifts as a facilitator or coach.

One of Shadow Work’s best-kept secrets is that we laugh a lot when we’re together! ­­­When we find compassion for our wounds, we get a new perspective on human nature that is both endearing and hilarious… Carl Jung was known for his wonderful laugh; maybe you’ll become known for yours…